Our First Anniversary!


“CivSource Africa, you are a home-grown Africa wide initiative that has created space for interface for constructive engagement to meet the ever-changing needs of the people we serve in the current development context. Congratulations and wish you the very best in the coming years!” Rita Hope Aciro – Lakor, Executive Director, UWONET

“When I think of CivSource – the idea, the spirit and the physical organization – I think of a being, a space of healing and wellness to civil society and to the nation! May you continue to grow unbound and unfettered,” Ugandan citizen.

“Your appearing on the scene has been a breathe of fresh air: Instantly transforming the landscape of local philanthropy, challenging civil society leaders to think out of the box and to dream bigger. We are thinking better and greater because you are here. Congratulations CivSource Africa for making 365 days old!” Godber Tumushabe, GLISS.

“It has been only one year of CivSource existence and operations but you have had large footprints on the landscape of Ugandan civic organizing. In seeking to bridge the gap between Philanthropy and Civil Society, you have given institutional philanthropy an ear, a heart and empathy that is new and very much needed and welcome. Wishing you all the success!” Carol, CivSource Africa Friend.

CivSource Africa Staff Celebrate

CivSource Africa Staff Celebrate

One year ago today......

Where does time go? One year ago, on October 1st 2017, CivSource Africa was officially opened for business. Looking back, it’s been an amazing journey full of its fair share of ups and downs.

In the very first months of our existence, we lost a dear friend and colleague, Rose Kusingura, but also two baby girls were born to our colleagues. Life and death side by side, those moments reminded us of the circle of life that we are all a part of. We grieved as we celebrated. We cried as we smiled. We drew strength from both events, which reminded us of a call to make the most of our time here – whether as individuals or organizations.

 In the first year........

In the first year, we underwent several training and coaching sessions to help us bond as a team, define our niche as an organization, and articulate what success would look like when we worked at our optimal best.

Our first anniversary comes when we have co-created and refined our Strategic Plan along with some of our strategic allies and the people we serve, which will be launched in October 2018. We are also very excited that our Country Strategy, which reflects the ideas of the marginalized people we advocate for, the partners we work with, the donors we partner with and other stakeholders, will soon be operationalized. Therein we define our catalytic role in facilitating social justice in Uganda and beyond and our contribution to strengthening the structures, institutions and leaders that foster civic engagement.

We are inspired to share that just within one year of operation, we have supported, strengthened and coached two youth-focused and youth-led organizations to transition to more solid and sustainable agents of social change in Uganda. This is our way of paying forward the generosity we’ve so graciously received.

It’s however important to note that we could not have done any of these things without the backing of the marginalized voices we support and you – our team, allies, and partners – who have been on this remarkable journey with us. Your prayers, encouragement, critique, guidance and motivation have contributed to strengthening our systems and structures and most importantly elevating our work, opening new opportunities and repositioning us to make a difference. We express our profound appreciation to each and every one of you. You continue to hold a unique place in our hearts and work and we value you!

As we celebrate this landmark of the year, we express our commitment and rededication to our values, our mission and our dream of more inclusive and flourishing societies across Africa. With a loud and joyful voice of resounding gratitude we say “Asante Sana!” and look forward to another productive and fruitful year with you. 

Jacqueline Asiimwe Chief Executive Officer Civsource Africa

“The challenges afflicting civil society in Uganda and Africa today are enormous and CivSource, an organization promoting effective philanthropy and civic engagement, could not have been born at a better time! Congratulations on your anniversary,” Sarah Bireete Center for Constitutional Governance.

“I can boldly and courageously tell the world that CivSource Africa has a soul. Without noise or hassle, you have stepped out of your comfort zone and created a creative, borderless, agile, flexible, fluid, vibrant and young organisation not only for inspiring the people you work with but civil society in general. Happy birthday, CivSource Africa!” Hope Chigudu

“Many congratulations to CivSource Africa on your first year of catalyzing vibrant leadership for civil society in East Africa and beyond! May your second year of operation bring enhanced and safe space for diverse and independent activism and compelling stories of advocacy,” Maria Burnett, Human Rights Watch

“At one year, you have provided space and guidance for civil society in Uganda, in our diversity and oneness. You are laying a foundation on which millions of Africans will stand to advance their interests. Happy 1st anniversary!” Winnie Ngabirwe, Global Rights Alert