Where Philanthropy meets civil society

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Our Identity

CivSource–Africa is an independent non-profit advisory organization that seeks to refine the practice and footprint of philanthropy in Africa, for authentic civic engagement. We are pioneers in the space where philanthropy and civil society meet and seek to foster an environment that nurtures mutually beneficial relationships and stewardship of entrusted resources. We provide thought leadership on strategic financing models for effective philanthropy and civic engagement. We also facilitate open and informed conversations pertaining to philanthropic giving and civil society organizations.


Is short for civil society. Funding civil society strengthens their human rights work as critical partners in advancing good governance and development. Civ also ensures that our focus and that of funders remains the people and not the money.


We are a source of information and advice to funders on a spectrum of issues such as human rights, socio-political context, and other areas. To civil society we are a source of support to advance their potential.   


Is the way we define the geographical, cultural and ideological space within which we operate, and it also speaks to our roots and grounding in our continent. 


Refining the practice and footprint of philanthropy for effective civic engagement in Africa