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Anniversary Messages

“I have written and talked about organisations with souls. Often, I have been challenged to provide an example. I can boldly and courageously tell the world that CivSource Africa has a soul. Without noise or hassle, you have stepped out of your comfort zone and created a creative, borderless, agile, flexible, fluid, vibrant and young organisation not only for inspiring the people you work with but civil society in general.

The beautiful set up; art, working space, gardens, learning space, relaxation rooms and general ambience make it a soulful place! You rock the boat in the civil society sector! As you set out to explore different ways of being and working, may you continue to flourish and thrive.

May you continue to provide space for restless, beautiful creative spirits. May you continue to break down walls so as to support cross functional work that welcomes peer to peer ways of working. May your ability to use new mindsets, tools and principles, even when you don’t know whether they will succeed or not be enhanced.

Please do not allow your beautiful madness to be abated by those who want ‘ordinary’ organisations. Many you continue to unfold crazily, creatively and beautifully. Happy birthday, CivSource Africa!” Hope Chigudu

Arguably the richest continent in terms of its natural resource endowment, the resilience of its people and a rich history, yet holding up at the bottom of most global development indicators, Africa remains an irony in the world.

Part of our challenge in Africa is a development financing model and modality that looks outside the continent and perpetuates dependency of our governments, private sector and civil society. Any thought of exiting aid dependency sends shivers in our nerves as Africans because our local philanthropy infrastructure while growing, remains disproportionately underdeveloped compared to its rich tradition and its potential – it is not seen as an alternative!

It is this larger context that we must locate the remarkable journey and dreams of CivSource Africa at its 1st Anniversary. The transformation going on at CivSource Africa in terms of thinking of different ways of resourcing civil society and convening actors to consider alternatives is a shining light at a time of difficulty for civil society and a very artificial patron-client and in some cases a mutually parasitic relationship between donors and civil society.

As CivSource Africa sets its sight to the future, it must rise up to two interconnected challenges: a) Challenge traditional donors to adapt to a more African-led philanthropic tradition which is flexible, adaptive and less bureaucratized; and b) Help Africans use their rich history of giving, seen in times of birth, death, weddings and other celebrations to support greater struggles for social justice.

In overcoming the above, CivSource Africa will have made a remarkable contribution to civil society growth. Happy Anniversary CivSource Africa!

Arthur Larok Federation Development Director ActionAid International

“The institution and team at CivSource Africa embody the genetic philosophy of oak trees which send their roots so deep that they have a firm anchor – in this case virtues like discipline and commitment – and a broad leafy canopy that provides shade for humanity through philanthropy and relentless solidarity with different quests for social justice. In the coming decades, I have no doubt that the seeds of hope, exemplary leadership and commitment to excellence will sprout and make not just our country, but the continent, proud of itself. Happy 1st anniversary!” Andrew Karamagi

“In a city filled with so many choices, we thank you for choosing Albar Catering Services. We do not take our business partnership with you for granted. Your business association with us is very much appreciated. It is always a privilege and a pleasure serving you. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, CivSource Africa,” Albar Catering Services.

“Philanthropy for the work of CSOs in Uganda is minimal albeit the huge need. CivSource is filling this much-needed space to enhance the work of CSOs in Uganda. As you mark one year, Women’s Democracy Network-Uganda Chapter congratulates you for the strides made and wishes you continuous success,” Perry Aritua, Executive Director, Democracy Network-Uganda Chapter

“Koona Dance Workout is proud to be associated with CivSource Africa as you mark one year in Uganda. You enabled us further our purpose in the community through “dance with a purpose”, bettering and transforming the lives of teenage mothers at Youth for Christ. Happy Anniversary!” Felix Okumu, Koona Dance Workout.

“Dreaming is only the first step, faith takes us all the way. Congratulations upon your first anniversary CivSource Africa. Keep believing, keep doing,” Susan Mirembe, The Taala Foundation.

“We celebrate your journey and accomplishments. We take pride in growing under your wings and soaring as Young Women. Happy 1st anniversary, CivSource Africa,” Queens of Chess.

“Congratulations upon celebrating your first birthday in a country where infant mortality of companies and organizations is so high. We are celebrating one year in time yet the achievements seem to be for a silver jubilee!

Your ability to work with even smaller groups with progressive ideas and help them grow has been part of your unique identity. Your relationship with partners is always not of a big brother mentality as often happens with other development partners. This is something that has been missing in the larger civil society or development arena. I would love to see this carried forward in your work.Once again congratulations. We appreciate and will always cherish your partnership!” Johncation Muhindo, Creations Forum Afrika

“Congratulations CivSource Africa Team on your first anniversary. The task of refining the practice and footprint of philanthropy in Africa is a great one, but it is being met by a determined and visionary team. Seeing how far you’ve already come in one year, I’m confident that the task will be accomplished. Happy Anniversary!” Moses Mukisa, Coach and Trainer The John Maxwell Team

“The Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) believes and continues to work to establish and strengthen existing relationships. We have been able to scale the heights that we have, in part, because of partners like you, CivSource, on whose shoulders we stand and continue to perch. As you celebrate your first anniversary, we congratulate you and wish you a bright future where you support civil societies to transform the societies in which they work,” Joy Asasira, CEHURD.

“On this momentous occasion of CivSource Africa’s first anniversary, I wish to congratulate the director, staff and entire team for their zeal and remarkable achievement in empowering civil society in the region. In just one year that CivSource Africa has been in existence, it has risen to become a leader in philanthropy and has become an important hub for civil society. I am exceedingly honoured to have been part of its formation process and wish the entire team even more rewarding years ahead.” Dan Ngabirano, Development Law Associates

Ivan Muguya