In his speech at the 59th anniversary of Mr. Kosia and Mrs. Violet Barugahare, Mr. Patrick. G. Barugahare floated a proposal to establish a scholarship fund. It was 7th January 2012. Four months later on 8th April of the same year in Rwenkanja, Kyeibare, Mutara, Mitooma District, the Barugahare family met and endorsed the establishment of the fund under their family name.

In October that year, the foundation’s committee agreed to widen the mandate of the fund beyond education scholarships to include other charitable projects. The foundation was thereafter named K & V Barugahare Foundation in recognition of the significant efforts and investment of Mr. Kosia and Mrs. Violet Barugahare in the education of their children and their keen interest and promotion of education generally.

At its core, the foundation provides selected and targeted scholarships and further financial assistance to motivate the Barugahare family members, their children and descendants to excel in their fields of study. After family, it assists selected talented and/or gifted students financially to obtain a good education. Additionally, it funds charitable projects approved by the family.

As with most foundations, funding is a challenge. Knowing that, the family decided that initial funding for five years after establishment will be by way of voluntary contributions by all adult members each year. A total to be raised each year is agreed upon at a general meeting. All other funding has come from additional voluntary contributions by family, grants and donations by non-family members and proceeds from investments made by the foundation.

Eligibility for scholarships by family members and non-family beneficiaries is on open competitive and merit based criteria approved by the foundation. Exceptions for some special cases like unforeseen financial hardships, orphans in the family etc. are at the discretion of the board. Priority is, however, given to the marginalized or disadvantaged and the foundation is deliberate about gender equality.

Since establishment, the fund has built and equipped a science laboratory at Kyeibaare Girls Secondary school with support from Uganda Twezimbe Trust funded by African Development Foundation under Community Reinvestment Contributions (CRC) plus rehabilitate and renovate the school which was once in a sorry state.

Even with challenges along the way, the foundation has managed to take on and support twenty-two (22) students. Onwards and upwards, backwards never!

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