New year's message


2019: New Year, New Heights

 Happy New Year our friends, partners and colleagues! We are already in the 3rd week of the New Year and we know most of you have hit the ground running. At CivSource, we’re focusing on 3 Cs in 2019:

 Collaboration: The work we do requires that we work with others. We do not believe in acting like lone rangers, because indeed, no single person can change the world. It takes the concerted effort of many players across many divides. We look forward to enhancing existing partnerships and to forging new ones. We believe in and are led by the African ethos of Ubuntu – “I am because we are”.

 Commitment: We pledge to remain committed to our vision and our values. We remain committed to the pursuit of social justice for all and most especially for those at the margins in our society. We are deeply committed to advancing accessible, responsive, empowering and diverse forms of philanthropy for resourcing African civil society. And we are equally committed to contributing to and supporting inspired, inclusive and robust civil society organizations and actors.

 Curiosity: We want to learn all we can, and curiosity is a key ingredient of learning. We want to ask the right questions, we want to absorb all the information we can from as many sources as we can.  We want to learn from people who are not always listened to. Curiosity keeps us fresh, it keeps us vibrant, it helps us be daring enough to explore new ways of being and doing things.

 We wish you the very best as you embark on on your dreams and goals for 2019. We wish you the best as you seek to make a difference in the world.

 Once again, Happy New Year!