Global landscape of Philanthropy



The current report is an effort to put diversity back at the heart of philanthropy by drawing a comprehensive and provocative picture of current trends and challenges the world over – from individual forms of giving to community philanthropy and structured, institutional giving.

It also raises some of the questions and issues most critical and central to the development of philanthropy – from the impact of new technology and shrinking civic space to power dynamics within philanthropy practice and concepts, and the evolving role and form of philanthropy infrastructure.

Last but not least, the report demonstrates that the predominant North American and European models – often used as a reference point, to be opposed, customised or assimilated by others – are in fact just one part of the picture. Through the voices of some of its wisest and most prominent advocates, the field of philanthropy emerges from the pages of this report in all its complexity and multi-faceted reality. Read detailed report here…